Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Flying 11,359 miles in the next 36 hours!

Then it will take me 80 days to cycle 1800+ miles.


I'm flying back to Los Angeles from spending the holidays with my family in Maryland. Then a few hours later I take a jet plane to New Zealand by way of Sidney. I will have major jet lag. It is currently 5:30am Wednesday Dec 29th in New Zealand and 8:30 am Tuesday 28th in Los Angeles and 11:30 am on the East Coast.

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amy! said...

You're going to freaking love every minute. I promise you jet lag won't hit for a couple days because its such an amazing place!!!!

If you get the chance sign up for CouchSurfing and look up my friend Stu Brown in Whangerei - he's a PHENOMENAL tour guide and I guarantee you a great time. Older AVID outdoorsman and more than accommidating. Look him up!

Cheers dude, EAT IT UP!!!!!!!!! :)